Dear Parents,

We’ll have our PYP Student-led Conference (SLC) on March 15, 2018 (Thursday). SLC online booking by parents through the BINUS School Simprug Parent Desk will start this Monday (March 5) until March 11 (Sunday).

Conference duration is 20 minutes per student. A maximum of two families will be in the homeroom class for the conference. The roles of students and parents are presented below.

Roles of Students

  • Students attend the conference in their complete school uniform based on their appointment.
  • Students will share their work with their parents in the different units of inquiry and specialist subjects.
  • Students may speak in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Mandarin or in their first language when explaining their work to their parents.
  • Set new learning goals with their parents


Roles of Parents

  • Prompt children’s thinking by asking them questions about their work
  • Be positive, show interest and listen to children’s explanation
  • Set new learning goals for children after the conference
  • Schedule a different time with teachers to discuss children’s progress when needed
  • Celebrate children’s learning


Parents may ask the following questions to their children:

  • What are your goals this year?
  • How can we support you achieve your goals?
  • What have you learned this term?
  • Which piece of work are you most proud of? Why?
  • Which subject is challenging for you?  Why?
  • Which subject do you like best?  Why?
  • What would you like to achieve by the end of this year?


Thank you for your continuous support.

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